Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sunrise creativity

I set my alarm for 5:45 this morning - I had the coffee ready to brew. I wanted to get a jump start on my day so I could get to working on the archive project before my little monkeys awoke. I sat in front of the computer waiting for the fog to clear and realized, I hadn't connected with the Universe yet. I find that if I spend a few minutes each morning being still and allowing the Spirit of Harmony flow into me, out of me, through me, my day proceeds with grace and I am more centered. Often these moments occur while cuddling my kids - I am full of love and in the moment and I become a part of rather than a lone soul bibbity-bopping without a course or connection.
So this morning I had extra cob-webs and neither quiet nor caffeine were getting me into the present. I decided to get into my creative zone because this type of vibrant brain activity is my best passage way into my true self. Hmmmm - what to do without making a mess or taking up a lot of time. Ah- ha! - my new Rhonna Ferrer butterfly stamp. So I inked, embossed, added a touch of water color, and finished with a little gel pen accents. In just 5 minutes I have this (above) and a centered mind. I finished with a gratitude list (20 things I am grateful for - just the first things that come to mind) and I am ready to be the best me I can be. Here is my list:
  1. My community
  2. My way of living
  3. Tim
  4. My kids
  5. My family
  6. My friends
  7. The goodness in each of us
  8. Nature
  9. Sunsets
  10. the farmers market
  11. My potential
  12. My willingness to be connected and to seek growth
  13. Our home
  14. My health
  15. Hugs
  16. My body and all it does for me
  17. Love
  18. Those that teach me
  19. Being sugar free for 7 months
  20. The efforts of those who are working to save our planet
It is a pretty random list but I am starting my day in recognition of the good. Do you have a list? I'd love to see yours...


  1. Jill,

    Thanks for the nice mention on your birthday post! I had a great time too... I tried to email you, but it probably ended up in the trash. Please drop me a note, I would love to set up time to crop. Lisa M.

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