Sunday, August 11, 2013

RGB Codes for Hair and Skin

I can't believe how often I have to look up hair and skin tone RBG codes these days.  Last week I had to find the code for blonde hair for an image I was modifying with my Cricut Imagine and today I was editing some photos and wanted the right shade of brown to repair red eye in a photo. (Don't you hate it when the automated "red eye removal" feature makes the eyes even worse?) So I thought I would post some great reference information just in case you find yourself looking for RBG color charts of hair and skin tone



There are a gazillion RGB charts out there to help you find that perfect color.  Below are a a few of their links:


  1. this is really neat. I had never worked with this before and I like it!

  2. Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! Exactly what I keep searching for - with a gazillion tabs open. This is the PERFECT resource. How practical! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I have come to this page dozens of times for reference recently, it's the best one I have found

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you! I've been trying to find references for recolouring hairs and this saved my life! It's perfect!

  5. It's years after you first wrote this post but wanted to say thanks. This is exactly what I needed.

  6. Great tips and very easy to understand. This will definitely be very useful for me when I get a chance to start my blog. virgin hair extensions