Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'll Be Making These Before Summer's End

Sometimes when I am on Pinterest I get overwhelmed with all of the projects that I want to do.  I could spend months just redecorating my home with pallets.  So I have taken to picking a 5 or 6 projects that are actually plausible and applying a time table to their completion.  This gets me started and then it keeps me going.  Here are the latest projects I've committed to do, in this case, by summer's end.

A Confetti Bowl
Let's face it - anything involving confetti is destined to be fun.

Paint Chip Punch Outs
A simple project yet so beautiful.  I'm going to make a set of Thank You cards.

Homemade Paper
I've always wanted to make paper.  Now I'm gonna.

Tin Can Wind Chimes
Ahhh... brilliant! I'll decorate each can differently- Voila' wind chimes AND garden art

Homemade Vitamin Water
Yummy and good for you!

Watermelon Cake
I don't know if this will turn out refreshingly delicious or frighteningly gross but I like the concept so I'll give it a try! 
You can find all of these projects on my Pinterest Boards under Craft Ideas and Yum Yums


  1. ohh looks like some fun projects.. I think i need to select some things to try n the next few weeks as well.

  2. Great projects! I love the watermelon cake.