Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Interesting and Peculiar Day

This is a random blog post.  I admit it. It's just that my day was peculiar.  Here's why:

It was awful quiet in the back yard.  It made me nervous.  I peeked outside and found my children building a fort with anything that wasn't attached to the floor.

 Eva even put in overhead lighting.

Then I wondered over to the garden and found this growth around one of my lettuce plants.  It wasn't there yesterday because I had harvested some leaves around 3PM.  What in the world...???  It is firm, appears to be solid and is oozing a red sap in some areas.  It feels very "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"  and is kind of freaking me out.  But not as bad as this monstrosity I found on my front porch inching around in circles...

 I can't even look at it.  What, on God's green earth...????

Later in the day I had Eva go through her drawers for a Goodwill drop.  We found a pair of pants that were floods but still fit around the waist so I cut them into play shorts.  Next thing I know she is going about her business, completely unaware of how eccentric she looks until I finally break down and tell her I need to take a picture.  She is clueless.."Why?" she asks.  I laugh and say "because of your outfit silly!"  She says "What about my outfit? I like it - It looks cool!" After a second look, I realize that shes right.

I just finished getting the kiddos to bed (my 7 year old was whimpering that she couldn't go to sleep because she didn't have anyone to cuddle. *LOVE* her) and I pulled up Pinterest. This was at the top of my feed:

Interesting right?  Well if you have any information about the fungi/ mold/ extraterrestrial thing consuming my lettuce OR the bald mini-snake-worm circling my porch, please leave me a comment.


  1. A. Totally fun fort..mine never had overhead lighting.

    B. Great clean up tool on the baby!! HA!

    C. GROSS. I have no clue what that is but am now totally curious and hope someone knows what it is.

    Hope today is equally odd and exciting.

  2. looks like a good way to get the floors clean if you don't have an indoor doggie. LOL