Thursday, August 30, 2012

Comprehsive overview of Cricut Imagine Cartridge Country Carnival

Today we are going to get to know the Cricut Imagine cartridge "Country Carnival"!  Country Carnival is one of the two fonts in the Imagine Collection.  Below is the Sample they print on the back of the box which shows a portion, but not everything, you get on this versatile cartridge.  So let's take a closer look:

To begin with; below I have provided a better look at all of the patterns/paper you are able to print or use as a fill, from this cartridge.
Sometimes it is difficult to appreciate the papers because in the marketing materials, they are cascading on top of one another and the images are small.  The samples above are not superb as I pulled them from the handbook PDF, but at least you can see that there are 2 newspaper print patters and a gorgeous red pattern that would be great to fill a mat or boarder.

For those of you who do not work with an Imagine, one of its many awesome features is that you can fill images from regular cartridges with patterns you get on your Imagine cartridges.  For example, I  selected the phrase "Read" and its shadow from Kate's ABC's:
First I selected the shadow image, then I clicked on the edit button (Imagine feature) and filled the shadow with the newspaper print with red flowers pattern.  Next, I selected the word "Read" (by adding the shift button)  then I clicked on the edit button (Imagine feature) and filled the shadow with the red pattern.  I hit print and cut and this is what Imagine gave me:

 I apologize for the photo quality.  I used my phone to take these photos. Yuck!

Alright, alright...enough with the Imagine Ra, Ra Ra!  Sometimes I get carried away. Back to the Country Fair cartridge.  In addition to the font which we will discuss in a moment, you also get a few icons and some bonus materials.  Lets take a look at the icons first:

I could see printing/ cutting the butterfly 2 or 3 times; layering the copies and adhering them together down the center only.  Bend the wings inward a little and you have a dimensional vintage butterfly to put on a card.
Next lets look at the mats on the cartridge. 
You could print/ cut these frames small and use them as journalling blocks, medium for photo mats or large to layer on a 12 x 12 layouts.  
Below are the four bonus projects included on this cartridge:
And now, the font.  It is so much fun!  I love the shadows and the opportunity to use multiple colors on each letter.

You can download a PDF copy of a Country Carnival font quick reference sheet below:

 If you take a look at a page from the handbook, you will see that there are 5 "complete letter" layers and 2 accent layers.  You have the option of printing and cutting the first letter -i.e. the completed letter as a flat image or, all the layers and stack them to make a dimensional letter.

You may also elect to just use one or two of the layers for a simpler look.  You can also turn off the print feature so the machine only cuts, and then use some of your patterned paper for the fill design..

In the front of the handbook, Cricut shows some sample designs that were done with the cartridge:
I am in love with the Family book.  It is too stinkin cute!  

There aren't a whole lot of images to put into an image table of contents with page numbers (there aren't any phrases on the cartridge), but I did one anyhow.  If you find any errors in the spreadsheet, please let me know so I can correct it. If you would like to share this information on your blog, instead of copy and pasting this info, please paste a link to my site. The spreadsheet below is saved as a JPEG but you can download a PDF version of Country Carnival here: