Thursday, August 9, 2012

Comprehensive Overview of Cricut Cartridge "Give a Hoot"

Today we are going to look at the Cricut Cartridge "Give a Hoot."   I love that Provocraft created an environmentally conscience cartridge!  Yay Provocraft!  The more mainstream green living becomes, the more people will  think about changing they way they live.  In this post we will look at:

  • a Sample view of the cartridge images
  • a look at all the borders on the cartridge
  • a Borders Reference Sheet in PDF for download
  • a look at a handbook pages with some explanation of the possibilities
  • a link to the PDF of the handbook
  • a spreadsheet with a list of the images, words and phrases with their pages numbers including a link to download the PDF version.
 A Sample view appears on the back of each cartridge box and usually shows a portion of the images that can be cut with the cartridge; but Give a Hoot shows all of the primary images in its Sample.

In addition to the primary images, this cartridge offers an accent image, a phrase, a border and a charm.  Each of these images includes at least one layer to add contrast and dimension. 

My favorite feature (other than the subject matter) is the border option. Below are all the borders that are included in this cartridge with their page numbers.

It used to take me forever to flip through the handbook to find that perfect border so I created a border reference sheet which makes the process so much easier.  You can download a PDF copy of this Give a Hoot Border Reference Sheet by clicking the link below. You should print it in horizontal orientation.  I am afraid the image quality isn't superb because I used the small image files from the cricut website. If you would like to share this information on your blog, instead of copy and pasting this info, please post a link to my site.

To use an image as a border on a 12 x 12 layout, you wouldn't want to enlarge the image to 12 inches wide .  This would make the height way to big for a page border. In order to get a long border for larger pages like 12 x 12 paper, you can either cut multiples of the border image and line them up along the edge or you can use Design Studio, Gypsy or Cricut Craft Room to weld multiple copies of the border image together.  To learn more about welding with Design Studio, click here, welding with Gypsy, click here and welding with Cricut Craft Room, click here (these are all excellent youtube video tutorials.)

Now lets take a look at a few pages from the Give a Hoot handbook so you can get a feel for what you have to work with. I have added notes to help you understand what each feature key does.

To look at the Give a Hoot handbook you can click here.

Last but not least, here is a list of all of the images and phrases on this cartridge with their page numbers.  If you find any errors in the spreadsheet, please let me know so I can correct it. If you would like to share this information on your blog, instead of copy and pasting this info, please paste a link to my site. The spreadsheet below is saved as a JPEG but you can download a PDF version of Give a Hoot here: 


  1. Wow... that is am impressive review!I am now following this blog!

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  2. WOW that's all I can say WOW! I am now a follower this is wonderful. I use my Gypsy to look up simple things but your blog has got incredible amount of info. I will be recommending this blog to everyone.

    Thank you for all your hard work. I have "Give A Hoot" and had no idea there was this much on that cartridge. I use my phone for most of my internet surfing but this will be one site I will use my laptop for. Too much info for my little phone to handle. Lol

    Debbie (Beanie)

  3. Question, is Scribd the only way to access the PDF files? I'm not a premium member there. Just wondering. This looks like a great resource!

    1. Hi Darlene - thanks so much for visiting my blog! yes, i have all of the PDF files stored there but I think you can access without a membership I haven't had anyone mention a membership before so I hope it isn't a new thing. You should be able to access the files by clicking on the link. I just clicked on a link and it took me right there but maybe because it knows me. Hmmmm - has anyone else had this problem?