Saturday, July 12, 2014

Creating with Kids - Projects for Summer Break

I am writing a new blog series with a long list of fun projects to do with kids this summer.  There will be great photos and step by step instructions.  All of these projects will be kid tested and kids approved!

PROJECT 1- Make fairies and elves out of pipe cleaners, beads and faux flowers. - good for kids aged 5+ (Younger children will need adult help with the raw ends of the pipe cleaners, scissors and wire cutters.)



  • faux flowers from the dollar store
  • Fine-tip black, red and pink markers
  • Round wooden bead for the head (sold at Michaels)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wire cutters and scissors
  • Embroidery floss 

  1. Separate the flowers from the stem to use for the fairy's skirt.
  2. Fold the pipe cleaner into thirds and cut one third off. Set this piece off to the side to use for the arms.
  3. Wind the embroidery floss around your hand (or make a larger "loop" for longer hair) 4 or more times.  For shorter hair, wrap around 3 fingers. NOTE: Kid's hands are small so if they wrap around their own hand, their hair will be short.
  4. Bend the long piece of the pipe cleaner in half and place the floss in the fold so that half of the embroidery thread "loop" sticks out on each side.
  5. Thread both pipe cleaner ends through the top of the wooden bead and pull the ends almost all the way through so that the hair (embroidery thread) is secured on the top of the bead. (see photo above)
  6. Snip the loops of thread on both sides of the head so you have hair.
  7. Draw a face on the wooden bead.
  8. Wrap the short piece of pipe cleaner 2 or 3 times around the waist just below the head to create arms. 
  9. Slip the pipe cleaner ends through one or more flowers to create the skirt and twist the legs to keep the skirt in place. If the hole is large, tie a knot with the pipe cleaner legs to secure the flower in place just below the arms.
  10. Loop the raw ends of the pipe cleaners to make hands and feet.
  11. Embellish with leaves for pants or wings- use small flowers, beads and gems to make accessories.


  1. Wow! I love the unfinished chalk marks and stains! Is there a name or address to research the embroiderer? I would try to look into it and if nothing, I would make up a history. The piece could become an artwork between stitchers through time, though I would leave the original stitches as is and add new completely different images too. Enjoy whatever you decide:)

  2. I so love embroidery hoop art :) Thank you so much for featuring my Raindrops on Roses Design set!

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