Friday, July 6, 2012

Cricut cartridge list of content - Birthday Bash

It is time to look at another Cricut Cartridge!  This is a comprehensive overview of the Cricut Cartridge, Birthday Bash. I have included a little about the sample that you find on the back of the cartridge, a bit on the handbook pages, and, at the bottom of the entry, a spreadsheet that lists all of the images and words/phrases on Birthday Bash-  with their page numbers. 
 First lets take a look at the sample sheet which is designed to give you a general idea of the content on the cartridge.  You can find this on the back of the box. This sample does not show ALL of the content - it just shows you a bunch of the adorable images included.  In my opinion, this is a powerhouse cartridge because it also includes a GREAT FONT and it has fabulous shaped cards that can be used as invitations, birthdays, thank you notes or any other sentiment.  To see all the images, phrases, fonts, words, projects, cards and/ or paper designs (depending on the type of cartridge) you will need to review the handbook which we will talk about shortly.
I just love these animals - they are so original plus you can leave out certain layers so they are appropriate for subjects other than birthdays.  

I *love* the font that comes on this cartridge!  It includes upper and lower case, both with shadows which create really nice contrast and dimension. Below is a little sample:
 Below is a summary of a handbook page from the Birthday Bash cartridge handbook. As you can see, there are many more goodies on this cartridge than just the birthday images and they can be used in more than birthday oriented projects.

Take a quick look at the notes I have written on the edges of the handbook page.  By understanding what the function keys do, you will get a lot more from your cartridge and save a lot of time and paper trying to figure it out on your own!
I have used the bird on the flag banner image several times but have cut the bird off after it is cut.  You could also use the bird by itself for another look. This images has a layer 1 and layer 2, (both with a 2nd feature when you use it with the shift key) which gives you the opportunity to create something with a lot of color.
There is also a phrase option znd an additional layer with the use of shift.  The layer + shift option can be used several times to add additional bits of color.  For example; You may cut the base image in white.  Then cut the phrase + shift option 3 times: in orange, yellow and blue.  You could cover the beak and legs with the orange pieces; use the yellow on the tail; and the blue for the letters in "a little bird told me...".  This phrase could be used on the front of a card or as a page title or anything else you can dream up.

The card option is great - I use it all the time.  You are in control of the size so you can cut small for enclosure cards or big for extra fun cards.

Each page in the handbook will offer the same kind of information which can be a little confusing when you want to do several things. I use the spreadsheet below to help cut back on the manual searching.  What I have done is borrowed from the database at cricutcheatsheet to get a list of all of the images and phrases/ words on the Birthday Bash cartridge.  Then I went through the handbook, page by page, box by box and added the page numbers which really helps reduce time flipping through the handbook.  For more information on how it is helpful, refer to the Baby Steps entry which offers an example.

The spreadsheet below is saved as a JPEG but you can download a PDF version of the Birthday Bash here:

 I will post the spreadsheet for the Birthday Bash font and the card designs tomorrow. If you find any errors in the spreadsheet, please let me know so I can correct them. If you would like to share this information on your blog, instead of copy and pasting this info, please paste a link to my site.


  1. Wow! Looks like a lot of work.
    I have this cartridge and it is adorable. Very cute cuts and a terrific font.

  2. Wow, you sure know your Cricut! I have one but don't use it often enough. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I LOVE your work and GREATLY appreciate it. Would love Xcel spreadsheet file for Birthday Bash!


    Many thanks!