Sunday, July 15, 2012

Content Overview of Cricut Imagine Buccaneer Cartridge

Ahoy mateys- today I will be providing a comprehensive overview of the Cricut Imagine cartridge, Buccaneer.  This cartridge can only be used with the Cricut Imagine which means that it prints out artwork and then it cuts it.  Buccaneer has a very different style than any of the other cricut cartridges.  In fact it is this uniqueness that motivated me to buy it.  In this post, we will be looking at:
  • the "Sample" that Provocraft prints on the back of the box
  • the papers and patterns that come on the cartridge
  • several pages out of the handbook with detailed explanations
  • a sneak peek of all of the layered images
  • the included projects
  • and a spreadsheet that includes each phrase, word and image with the corresponding page number

Above is the "Sample" that Cricut prints on the back of the cartridge box. Unfortunately, it shows only 9 of the layered images out of the 40 on the cartridge.  That number does not even include the individual layers for each image, the phrases, projects and icons.  Below you can see all of the layered images included.

To see the images and their layers take a look at the handbook by clicking here.

Next you will find 2 more pages from the handbook: 
These are the Projects - perfect for a pirate party:
These are 4 of the 10 icons:
And last but not least,  here is a list of all of the images and phrases on this cartridge with their page numbers.  If you find any errors in the spreadsheet, please let me know so I can correct them. If you would like to share this information on your blog, instead of copy and pasting this info, please paste a link to my site. The spreadsheet below is saved as a JPEG but you can download a PDF version of Buccaneer here:


  1. I have had a problem with the colors being off the red is not a true red etc. Is this the way the cartridge is or do I need to do something to make the color pop.

  2. I had the exact same situation while using Imagine and more cartridge when my Imagine was still pretty new. i even posted my question on the cricut forum. People said that some of the designs were muted, but once I changed the cartridge, I saw a huge improvement.