Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stretch Your Imagination Cricut Cartridge Table of Contents

I want to meet the designer who came up with the concept for the Cricut cartridge Stretch Your Imagination.  The artwork is so much fun and inspiring.  Every time I look at the graphics I feel a little whimsy sweep over me.

You can see the playfulness come through in other artist's work too.  Take a look at this adorable card by cuddlebug_fan at Leirad's Corner. Her work is impeccable, the detail is wonderful, but the wonky baby carriage makes the card totally fabulous!


And look at this card by Jeri at Bug 'n Me Creations. Jeri added some super cute details like the white dashes on the spider legs and thematic embossing.  On it's own it would be darling, but those long legs are fantastic and take the card to a whole new level!

This card by Jaqui J at Creative Today is absolutely marvelous.  The stretched babies are as fun as fun can be, turning embellishments on a plain white card into a playful little dance of baby fun.

This cartridge has a large variety of images in regular and stretched sizes as well as a card, frame and a silhouette.  
You can see that all of the holidays and seasons are covered as well as a number of decorative elements including tags and swirled silhouettes.

Lets take a look at a page from the handbook.
In this example, there are 2 primary images- a "2-pumpkin" character and a stretched "8-pumpkin" character. Both of these images have a layer, a silhouette, a shadow and a blackout. 

At the bottom of this page is a jpeg with a list of the words/ expressions and a list of the images on the cartridge. The list is sorted alphabetically and has the page number for each line item.  If you would like a pdf of this information, you can download it by clicking here: 
If you find any errors in the spreadsheet, please let me know so I can correct them. If you would like to share this information on your blog, instead of copy and pasting this info, please paste a link to my site.


  1. Thank you so much for another wonderful cartridge spreadsheet. You do such an awesome job and I look forward to each one.

    Thanks, donna C.