Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sn@p Album in progress

April was an adventurous month in my crafty world but I didn't manage to post many photos or project  updates.  Now that I have finally edited the photos I took along the way, I am going to bring you up to speed, starting with my Sn@p album by Simple Stories.

When the SN@P album was first revealed at summer CHA, I went coo- coo for coco puffs.  I didn't indulge in the Project Life craze because I just didn't need to fall behind on one more thing.  I played with the idea but I wasn't crazy about the color schemes and the 12 x 12" design was just too intimidating.  Sn@p was colorful, compact and I *loved* the mix and match pages.  Yes there were other lines offering similar album styles, but the whimsy of the color scheme "had me at hello."

When it Sn@p finally arrived at my LSS in October, 2012, I bought a nice stash of supplies which I immediately put on display, front and center, in my scraproom. Here they would sit for 6 months, literally gathering dust. Neither adhesive nor scissors touched my Sn@p supplies until April, 2013.
As you can see, my March calendar isn't very full.  I'm thinking of adding dates and pages containing headlines, trivia and activities from our family calendar. Page content and photos can come from Facebook, web searches and email.
My Selphy printer relieved my anxiety about all the trimming I would have to do to make the photos fit into the small photo sleeves. This is what got me started.

I just can't stand my handwriting.  No matter how slow I go; regardless of the writing instrument, it is a hot mess.  Unpredictable, unreliable and all around sloppy.  

To add insult to injury, I can't spell.  There- I said it out loud.  La-dee-da-dee-da! I am a lousy speller and I'm too lazy and/ or rebellious to look words up in a dictionary or via MS WORD spell check.  But I have made a pledge that I will write at least 77.63% of the words in my Sn@p with my own writing. It is unattractive and won't get my pages pinned on Pinterest , but it is honest and sort of the point to this kind of album. So not only is it a dandy of a little memory book, it is also an exercise in humility.  

Regardless of my penmanship, I will post my progress in hopes that it will inspire those of you who also have handwriting hyper-phobia. If i can do it, anyone can.

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  1. Love these pages! I feel the same way about my hand writing.