Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Washi Tape Dispenser Upcycle

I had to bring Washi tape to summer camp this week for one of the many projects we did.  I didn't want to bring my aluminum foil dispenser because I was afraid that tiny hands would get into my stash and I'd see little faces with beautifully printed tape holding their lips together or eyelids shut.

I had some left over duct tape dispensors from the Dollar Tree... (OMG - that is another blog post all by itself!  They had all kinds of colors and patterns and the tape was only 1/2 inch thick...oh sorry) I poked and prodded until I got one of the plastic casings open (duh - with a simple twist). I was delighted to discover that this $1 tape which was AWE-SOME, also turned out to be a fantastic Washi tape dispenser for single rolls. Here's a short tutorial:


  1. This is genius! :) GREAT idea!

  2. Very cute and clever idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great idea. I just bought my first six rolls of Washi tape today. I am going to try this tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. What a cool project! And by looking at the pictures, I'm quite sure that your kid enjoyed it as much as you did. Many would only throw this dispenser after they have used it, but now, they know exactly what to do. Recycling is always a go, especially if the outcome is this good. Thanks for sharing!

    Thelma Bowman @