Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What now?

Gosh, now that Inspired has come and gone I find the quiet disarming. No swaps to finish, nothing to buy, pack or sort, and, (sigh)... no grand adventure to look forward to. For 6 months we chatted about, played around, dreamed of and prepared for Inspired and now that it has come to pass I am... exhausted! - yes and also, a little sad.
I just finished cleaning up my work space - I had intended on doing a little photo transfer - but instead I looked at the various charm prototypes I put together before I settled on a final design. I cleaned up the scraps of paper left over from my 8 x 8 pages and the ribbon bits from my art journal pages. I put away my sharpies, found a place on the shelf for my "isn't she lovely" dress form, and hung my "word" from Kal's class. As I looked at the ridiculous amount of of stickers, paper, flowers and ribbon organized in my studio I realized that I am no longer a scrapbooker - I have evolved. Into what you ask? Well I'm not sure yet - I guess I'll have to sign up for another workshop to help me find out....wink.

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