Friday, April 4, 2008

Who would have thought?

Last night we had such a wonderful evening. It was really laid back, each of us doing our own thing and yet we were together. Who would have thought that the precious moments would be so uneventful.
Tim did a bunch of little chores in between playing with the kids. He fixed the loose towel rack in the bathroom, swapped out some light switch fixtures, and cleaned the kitchen after making a yummy steak and potato dinner. How lucky I am to have a husband that participates and finds his joy in our family!
Aidan got this really cool "video game" system from his La La -(Auntie Laurie) when she came for a visit. It is called Ion and it is an interactive, educational program where the child stands in front of a camera and his image is inserted into the game. Dad helped him set it up and learn all the techniques, then he played for almost 2 hours with Dora the Explorer and the characters from Lazy Town.
Eva is finally at an age where she can entertain herself for a while which was instrumental in our very relaxed evening. She pushed her baby around the house in the stroller, while wearing daddy's work boots and carrying a cute little purse. It was quite a sight - I wish I had taken a picture.
I had the pleasure of working on and completing two UGRA projects. I wanted to get them done so I could pass them on to the next players before I leave for North Carolina. The first project was a gorgeous book made from magazine pages and assorted paper in varying sizes.

It was a garden theme so I decided to decorate my pages with a Zen garden. Stylistically, the pages were different then my usual work. Much more clean and simple. I incorporated some really wonderful thoughts on life balance and living green that I cut out from a magazine.
The other project was a large puzzle. I decorated two pieces, again trying to go outside of my comfort zone, keeping the recipient's likes and dislikes in mind.

It was a lot of fun to play with - my husband even jumped in to give his two cents. He kept peeking in on my progress and would let me know if something didn't feel quite right. The kids would stroll in and out of my work area too and I'd stop what I was doing to give them my full attention. I guess you could say that we were all in the present and that is why our evening was so peaceful and pleasant. There were no expectations, no agendas, no negotiations. We just did what we did. Who would have thought?

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