Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Artist redefined

Wow, wow wubzee - Inspired was truly amazing. Both Corvus and I were blown away by the amazing classes, incredible students and the event as a whole. I truly feel redefined as an artist. I explored so many new mediums and techniques, that it will take me weeks to share them on my blog but I am thinking I will start a mini series to that effect.

I got messy, created with feeling, escaped the hindering ideas that have held me back. I was validated. At times, I even felt admired. I watched, absorbed, learned from some of the most talented women I've ever crossed paths with. I was given permission to approach my artwork from an out-of-body vantage point. I am so excited to start creating with the new knowledge I brought home with me. It may be a few days though. I came home to sick children and a pooped husband. It is my turn to take care of business - the 5 days of freedom they gave me was an amazing gift..

Here is my list of my top ten people, places and things about Inspired (in no particular order). I would love it if you would share yours too!
  1. Writing with a nib and ink - AWESOME!!!
  2. Playing with CD, Heather and Corvus in Textile Anthology
  3. The Random Arts booth and their image transfer mini workshop
  4. The gorgeous apron Shani made for me in the apron swap!
  5. Stephanie's class (I wasn't sure about this class when I saw the picture of the project in our handbook but I was "Oh, so pleasantly surprised!" I loved the mess, the image transfers, the freedom)
  6. Having people recognize me from my picture on my blog and tell me they liked my work.
  7. "Freestyle" art'ing in Tena's class
  8. Watching all the talented women of group B at work and learning from their unique perspectives.
  9. Learning from Claudine. My poppets weren't my best work but it was a pleasure to be in her class and in her company.
  10. Seeing one of my best friends who moved to Charlotte, NC a year and a half ago. The event was nothing short of amazing and to top it off, I get to spend Saturday night and Sunday morning with a women who has "Inspired" and as a woman, friend and mother!
There were so many more things that were incredible but I'll leave it at the first 10 that came to mind. I must give an honorable mention to the 2nd leg of our journey home when Corvus's flotation device, (otherwise known as a seat cushion) shot out from under her and she was left sitting on a metal base covered with years of crumbs and gook. My stomach muscles are still sore from laughing. We decided that when the passenger in front of you's seat hits you in the face each time they adjust their weight, you are not sitting in coach, you are in a new category called "trunk" seating (or in airline lingo "the hole").

I will be posting many more pictures and sharing more about the projects and techniques over the next few days. I have to pace myself so I can ride this high for as long as possible plus I need to attend to my sick babies.


  1. Great post! Great pics! I hope you children are feeling better. The real world is tough to return to after so much fun and inspiration! By the way, I was not in the Art Journal swap, but I think you did an amazing job! Nothing but great feed back on that from everyone who participated!

  2. Oh my goodness I am so glad you commented on my blog I was hoping you'd get in touch because I was so tired for that last class I didn't get your info. Then I missed seeing you at the photo! Hey I made the top ten! WOOHOO hee hee. I am totally jealous of your studio holy crow I thought I had a goodset up you look like you can scrap with twenty other women if you want to that is awesome!
    As an added bonus I now know how to spell Corvus' name :D You two were the best table buddies ever we definately have to keep in touch! I start school on the 5th of May I can't wait :) I say if your thinking about it go for it!
    I am adding you to my favourites so I can keep tabs on you!
    Lots of hugs

  3. so glad you liked the apron. i was sweating it... thanks for the fun. tell Corvus i said hi. hope to see you again.