Saturday, November 14, 2009

Project Gratitude -Day 3

Dude! check out this awesome "logo" for the gratitude challenge now fondly know as "the gratitude project" (or "Hradtitude" if you are me) - I totally had to borrow it from Paula at plays with mud. Thanks Paula!
So we had such a nice time celebrating Arlina's birthday and eating her incredible homemade authentic Mexican food tonight. It was so great to see the kids playing together so nicely in one room while all us grown ups were having a great time together in another. Mark V. brought these amazing flour tortillas and Eddie made the best guacamole EVER! good times... and now that I'm full and relaxed here is my third list:
  1. Yesterday I had an entire day pain free - that's right -nothing, nada, zilch, and life was really, really good. Yeah!
  2. For the amazing shopping arena "Etsy" and that I have 2 shops there that are successfully selling!
  3. that my daughter still has a little kid accent...I love that she says "i love you to the 'oon' and back" and "those are 'mine' shoes".
  4. That I sleep well just about every night.
  5. I have a sufficient substitute - that and more...
  6. Laura's brownies...damn
  7. that I studied in Bath, England with the finest group of people you could ever meet. Friends I'll treasure until the day I die and memories that I'll take with me to the next life because they are so good.
  8. we can get fresh fruits and vegetables year round at any supermarket in our area.
  9. pause and rewind
  10. Obama
  11. That I get to go to Artfest next year! and I'm rooming with Lori - how fun is that??
  12. That my parents paid for braces when I was a child
  13. Alyssa and Aidan are in the same class.
  14. I have an education
  15. We don't have credit card debt.
  16. science fiction
  17. the color green - it is so beautiful
  18. facebook and reuniting with friends from another time in my life and for the ability to stay so well connected to people in my life now.
  19. the ozone layer
  20. that 40 is the new 30
here are the latest updates to our list...I feel like I'm forgetting some people...if I didn't add you will you remind me again. I drowned in my email today...


  1. Good Morning! Thanks for the huge laughs you inspired here this morning...

    my last name is M-c-K-a-m-e-y but your version got the kids laughing so hard milk was coming out of their noses!!!!

    hee hee hee!!


  2. Yah Jilliene - glad you are using the "logo". I meant to send you a little message last night after I created it, but got sucked into the crafting vortex and didn't come out until close to midnight. It was awesome! :)

  3. I love your lists. I'm glad I'm getting to catch up. Being from New England and a vegetarian, can I tell you that I am INSANELY JEALOUS of number eight?!?! I'm actually pretty pleased that that's the one I'm jealous of, because it must mean the rest of my life is pretty good like yours! xo