Monday, November 16, 2009

Gratitude Project - Day 5

Had a long night with Miss Eva who spiked a fever in the middle of the night and developed a cough in a matter of minutes. I slept half heartedly as the mom in me worried that she might have swine flu. A gratitude list is just what I need this A.M.
  1. flea markets
  2. free cycle - in the last year, I have picked up my drafting table/chair, full spectrum over head lights and a gigantic box of unique rubber stamps
  3. the ability to check my email from my cell phone
  4. the feeling of "inspiration"
  5. all the awesome family traditions that Tim and I have invented together like our handmade Christmas and "no stress" Thanksgiving- our motto is "dude, its just a day..."
  6. that I have tools for living
  7. sea ranch - wish we could have a wassima retreat there.
  8. even though Eva has a fever and feels crummy, she just walked into my room with stickers all over her PJ's; then she pulled her pajama top up to reveal even more stickers all over her tummy.
  9. hot showers
  10. 70's music - all kinds
  11. that Maggie brings me somerset studio magazines
  12. that I'm OK with being one of many (most of the time)
  13. Vintage everything!!!
  14. the great times I have with my mom
  15. sushi
  16. red cross - what would the world be without it?
  17. the unknown -mystery is good
  18. that Tim and I still do sweet little things for each other on a daily basis
  19. that my kids tell me they love me all the time - just out of the blue.."i love you mommy"
  20. my aint't perfect but it works most of the time and I'm so grateful for everything it does!


  1. 5., 18., and 19. melt my heart! I hope Eva is feeling better and the both of you get a good night's rest.

  2. Sea Ranch - I would love to go to a retreat there, too

  3. Oh Lordy, Sea Ranch.... YES! WHEN??? :)

  4. Hi Jilliene....

    i am starting my gratitude list today. thank you for the inspiration!

    sfetsy team member