Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 4 Gratitude Project

Think I better start my morning with a gratitude list so I can reap the benefits all day long...
  1. tolerance
  2. our dishwasher
  3. hiking
  4. alka seltzer
  5. indoor plumbing
  6. my Etsy customers and all people who support small businesses
  7. Craig's list
  8. California casual - I love that I never have to wear panty hose or high heels and that putting on makeup is considered getting dressed up.
  9. sharp cheddar cheese - you satisfy me in way that nothing else can.
  10. Steve Carell - he makes me belly laugh (especially in Bruce Almighty when he is doing the news)
  11. that I am free (I not only live in a free society but I am not incarcerated or institutionalized)
  12. that I have relatively good mental health - we don't realize how lucky we are that we don't have schizophrenia or other debilitating mental illness.
  13. that my kids are healthy
  14. that my husband does laundry, dishes and he cooks pretty good too.
  15. that there is a group of people making these lists with me so I can get grateful from theirs as much as my own!
  16. Michael's 40% off coupon - it has saved me a fortune (hmmm or maybe its cost me a fortune???)
  17. that I had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling when I was younger.
  18. the tool room at school - you can check out ANYTHING there - from power tools, to welding equipment. to dental instruments (not for your teeth - for carving)
  19. zip lock bags
  20. random acts of kindness


  1. Great list! And I totally agree with #16, LOL!!! :)

  2. Love this one! Like Cam, I'm with ya on #16! Need to move to Cali based on #8. And #10 cracks me up just thinking about that scene!

  3. Hey Jilliene! No worries! When I read it to the kids they laughed and laughed. Of course, they then followed up with their own silly names and that led to even more laughter. Thanks for helping us start our day out right! : )Thanks for visiting my blog!