Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude project - Day 7

How is it day 7 already. Well I've got to hurry to catch my train so this will have to be a quickie but after reading so many other wonderful lists last night, I have plenty of things in mind.
  1. Nacho night at our house
  2. my car
  3. fresh starts
  4. Gingerbread coffee from Trader Joes
  5. the gal at Michael's who noticed I haven't been in yje store in a while -she refers to me as a "regular"
  6. Jennifer Stewart who introduced me to the world of vintage
  7. my husband likes me just the way I am
  8. Aidan's idea of a reward or treat for getting an "A" on his spelling test is getting to stay up past bed time and play SKIP BO with mom
  9. my sense of humor. I don't know where it comes from sometimes, but it cracks me up
  10. mineral makeup - it really is superior to liquid
  11. a stocked pantry
  12. Gary - our goldfish - he's just another member of our family
  13. sometimes I choose to be happy rather than right
  14. the incredible nature that exists all around me - God is the best landscaper
  15. love in all its forms
  16. for people who fight injustice
  17. I could lose some weight if I just stopped eating the way I eat
  18. salads - yummy
  19. Edit -->undo )
  20. the sunrise - I am not a morning person but if I am awake - I sure love the dawn of a new day
Ok I have to get going or I'm gonna be late so please forgive my typos and other boo boo's. I'll proof later. We have 2 more new Gratitude Project bloggers: Lori Delisle at The Style Girl and Cynthia at Technicolor Postcards Be sure to visit these amazing gratitude lists for more positive thinking and joy.


  1. how cute you have a fish named gary. love the list esp. fresh start.

  2. Jilliene - how have we not met before? I swear we were likely separated at birth. We've had nacho night twice this week. Ditto on all, but I was seriously nodding on the humor, the makeup, losing weight, EDIT->UNDO (I think my life needs that command sometimes), and the sunrises. Awesome.