Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 2

OK I'm on the fly because I have to catch an early train to school so here is my day 2 list...
  1. being able to do what I love as a profession
  2. that I'm in a really great marriage
  3. camping
  4. weekends
  5. Maggie time (most Saturdays she comes over for a few hours to create, connect, giggle and affirm - there is just no smack talk, scheming or whining when we get together - its not in our nature...)
  6. Today is grandparents day at school and both of my kids have a grandparent in their class with them all day to watch their plays, go to chapel, hear them sing and eat a picnic lunch with
  7. that I lived in Africa
  8. that I don't have to drive to San Francisco...i take 2 different trains and end up a block from my classroom.
  9. That my school has provided me with 2 hours a week of free tutoring so I can find my voice.
  10. that I believe that there is a power greater than myself who is with me always
  11. the extraordinary generosity that has been shown to me and my family over these last few months.
  12. the amazing relationships I have with ppl ac cross the country that are almost exclusively maintained over the Internet.
  13. Heather for showing me another may seem silly but you changed the course of my life
  14. Kimmy and Jen - I love that over distance and time we have kept our friendships so strong. you are part of my family really and I treasure that.
  15. That the park is across the street, the farmers market is 1 block away every Sunday and I can see Michaels from the sidewalk in front of my house.
  16. That Emily and Dan live so close
  17. Lindsey - she is a gift in so many ways
  18. Glee- that show just makes me happy.
  19. pumpkin pie
  20. Our gardener Nate who offered to discount our bill when he heard Tim had lost his job and has given us several free months because he came into some money (none of this was requested...he just did it because he's an incredible man) Its the gesture not the money...he makes me want to be a better person
i know I also promised a list of participants and their blog addresses but I've got to get going so I'll compile tonight Off the top of my head I can tell you that Cameron, Heather, Aimee, Sooz, Lori, Katie, Zanne, MaryElla, Moi, Morningdove and...crude...forgive me I gotta jet....but these ladies are participating and most of their blog links are on my right side bar... happy day

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  1. nice lists! how can you read these lists and not start generating your own, even in your mind? the universe and hearts of many are listening. that is a lot of gratefulness. thanks again!

    i will be starting my grateful week on monday!