Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today I'm going to be fabulous and day 3 of gratitude

I was just visiting my friend Cynthia at Technicolor Postcards and she had a very thought-provoking entry about what our teenage self would think of our life today if she had a chance to see it. It got me thinking about my own perception of myself as I sit in front of the computer in my PJ's with my cup of coffee, procrastinating, before I have to dig into life. My self concept was not very fabulous so this gratitude list is dedicated to changing my perception today. The first 10 will be qualities I enjoy about myself. The second half will be about 10 things I enjoy about my life.
  1. my artistic talent
  2. my mommy skills
  3. my ability to multi-task
  4. my culinary skills
  5. ability to make a home for my family
  6. my computer aptitude
  7. my sense of humor
  8. my metabolism
  9. knack for stretching a dollar
  10. my enthusiasm
  11. that I get to be so involved in my kids school
  12. that I have so many wonderful friendships in my life
  13. that my family lives so close by and that I get to see them so often
  14. I can share my spirituality with my loved ones
  15. my clients, especially Lauren
  16. I got to go to Inspired last May
  17. my husband is so helpful around the house and with the kids
  18. I have so many resources available to me
  19. I live in Northern CA
  20. I did so much traveling before I started a family

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