Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gratitude List - Day 6

Well the kids are sick again so we did not get much sleep last night so I'm kind of grumpy and looking forward to today's list.

Day 6 - I am grateful for...

  1. Do-overs
  2. hope
  3. that feeling you get when you do spontaneously do something kind for someone
  4. feeling a part of
  5. wisdom
  6. motivation even though I am pooped out and grumpy
  7. color
  8. my warm jacket
  9. animals
  10. my white get pen
  11. a good cup of coffee
  12. my body and all it does for me
  13. change
  14. the way music makes me feel
  15. grilled cheese sandwiches
  16. humility
  17. friends that know me and like me anyway
  18. warm days in February
  19. the amazing infrastructure in my city, state, country and beyond that allows us to communicate, travel orderly, safely and quickly, removes hazards and responds when there is a breakdown or interruption in service.
  20. the library

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