Friday, May 2, 2008

Pushing the envelope

I have a number of artistic challenges on my plate right now which have caused me to really Push the Envelope this week. I teach art at a very special summer camp and have been busy preparing an exciting curriculum for 10 sessions with the Kindergarten's, 5 sessions with the 1st - 3rd graders and 5 sessions with the 4th - 6th graders. This year we will do photo and image transfers, art journals, scrapbooking, metal embossing, collage, charm bracelets, recycled art and much more. I am REALLY excited because these kids are amazingly bright and really interested in learning.
I am also working on two projects for UGRA (Underground Mail Art). The first is a book of art techniques which has motivated me to explore outside of my knowledge base since the recipient knows most everything I have up my sleeve and more. I learned A LOT and really enjoyed the research! I explored some amazing ways to use water color pencils and stamps and I played with pewter sheets, a stylus and alcohol inks.
The other UGRA project I have been playing with is ATC cards. We are doing an ATC exchange so I have been trying to come up with two different designs that I can replicate 8 times each. I haven't committed to any of my designs yet- I'm still experimenting :D

This weekend we are planting our garden. Tim built a second planter box and a friend of our delivered some awesome soil. We spread out our compost on Wednesday and I have everything mapped for planting. I can almost taste the tomatoes now.

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