Saturday, May 24, 2008

Its a Good Life

I was just moving some pictures from my camera card to the computer and I found the photos of our day at Henry Cowell State Park from a few weeks ago. It was so relaxing and easy. The redwoods are so still, stoic and serene. My whole world got quiet when I was there, even with the marveling chatter of our kids.

I can still feel that stillness as I think about the wind in the tree tops and the change of temperature from sunlight to shade.

God (or the universal creator, mother nature, a higher power- whatever you feel most comfortable with), is the greatest artist EVER! His (her/it) attention to detail and ability to make everything a focal point blows my mind! I say this with a spark of humor but also with enormous reverence for the total beauty of nature. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, when standing among those giant trees, it is hard to deny that there is a grand designer of all things. I just find it hard to believe that this kind of beauty is a random assemblance of chaos.

The colors were completely honest and raw - I am amazed that my camera was able to capture the shot above!

We had a picnic on the beach and splashed around a little in the chilly river. The kids were completely filled with joy. Their intentions and wonder were uninhibited by distractions, social practices, safety issues or household rules.

I loved that we were able to play together. We followed their lead rather than the usual directing (and re-directing) one has to do with curious little ones.

I love this picture of Eva - it is such an accurate depiction of her inner spirit. She is a precious little soul - such a girlie girl yet tough as nails and full of mischief!

This is a great shot of Andrea and I. We are kindred spirits. It is such a joy to have her in my life - I can't believe that our kids have known each other since birth and they are still such buddies! I could post a hilarious montage of those two over the years but we are the probably the only ones who would be entertained.

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