Monday, May 19, 2008

Goodbye and Hello

So I accomplished a lot creatively despite our jammed packed weekend. I completed a total of 20 cards to include in my mom's card album and presented it to her on Friday at her impromptu birthday bash. She loved it but said she isn't sure she likes anyone enough to give them one of the cards :D.
I had some fun decorating the envelopes I used to send out my ATC cards (which I forgot to photograph) and created fun little note cards to include using all of my sticker leftovers.

On Saturday I had the honor of speaking on a panel to a group of 80 incredible women and then had a movie date with my husband in celebration of our wedding anniversary. We appropriately saw Iron Man - we love superheroes! Before going to bed I finished the last details on the card album I created for Stella for our WASSIMA group and packaged it up for shipping.

On Sunday I was in charge of the Crazy Hair booth at my son's school carnival . That evening, I created my entries in a "Slam book" project for UGRA. It was such a fun project and provided a ton of opportunity for creativity. I sent it off to the next player today (along with my ATCs and Stella's project) but have thought of several cool things I would have liked to have added if I still had it in my hands. Oh well - it was not meant to be...

Today my organic background class started with Paulette Insall. I am super excited! I was amazed that I had almost all of the class supplies on hand albeit they are 10 years old. I was so inspired to learn that Paulette has been painting for just one year. She is so incredible and it gives me hope that I will discover a voice - my voice - who knows where it will take me. I just feel this pull - maybe it is a push - I don't know - a type of tension and I am so grateful that my family is allowing me the time to resolve it.

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  1. what a full weekend.

    i love what your mom said. it's so hard sometimes to give away a piece of art and never see it again. but taking pictures helps!

    i would love to hear you speak.

    how was iron man?

    we do crazy hair every year at our fall festival. the kids absolutely LOVE it. so fun.

    i can't wait to see what you do in paulette's class.

    you have a beautiful family. a lot of husbands especially don't understand the need to create.

    you are blessed.