Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Art

My mom's birthday and Mother's Day are very close together so I always have to go big with my gifts this time of year. She loves gifts that involve pictures of the kids and has really gotten excited about handmade cards in recent years. So this year I'm making her two things - a small scrapbook album and a Card album. I haven't done much with the album yet so I'll post those photos later. I have most of the card album completed though. It was really fun to make and I think she'll really enjoy it.
I have put together a few of the cards but I still need some more so she has a nice selection. I want to create several recycled cards made from items headed for the trash. It will also come with a coupon for more cards made to her needs. I still need to add embellishments and tabs but it is close to being finished.

She is out of town this weekend so I won't see her until next Friday which should be plenty of time.

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