Monday, April 15, 2013

So here's the skinny....

I have to tell you that I have a lot of irons in the fire right now and if only I had photos, I could share so much more.   First off... we are going to Disney next week!
It is a surprise for our kids and I am dieing to tell them because my husband is pretty low key about his excitement.  I am bouncing off of the walls happy and am having a hard time focusing on much else.  I'm almost done with the "TOP SECRET" and CONFIDENTIAL" files I made for the kids which includes laminated maps of both Disney and California Adventure plus descriptions of all the rides!  It also has a section where they can write their daily schedules.  It is also laminated so they can erase if they change their minds (or have to compromise with one another.)

I have also put together goodie bags for both kids in Disney drawstring backpacks that include Disney water bottles, suntan lotion, glow sticks, 10 little baggies, each with a shiny penny and a quarter for those penny stamping machines, a color coordinated personal electric fan and I even found Disney tissue packs and hand sanitizer!!

In addition, the kids are going to get another surprise when we get there. Hee Hee... My daughter will be getting a Cinderella princess makeover and my son will get to make a car at Ridemakerz.

I will post the confidential files one I finish them and some pics of their loot bags too.  There is no point in taking pics now because our camera take terrible photos at night.

I have also been working on the pants I started at my sewing lesson last week.  Golly, gosh darn it!  They are actually turning out to be pretty cute.  I'm adding some extra touches so they are a bit different then the original pattern.  You'll see...I will also post those photos taken in daylight.

Lastly, my Smash book is coming along nicely.  I am able to journal more freely because it all has to fit into a 2 x 3" slot.  My Canon Selphy has been instrumental in this process since I can print 4, 2x 3" pics on one 4 x 6" piece of photo paper.  It is awesome!  You just add this printer to your scrapbooking arsenal.  It is amazing!

One last note - something irrelevant to the crafty community but something I need to share.  Tonight was my last night as the Home and School President after 2 1/2 years.  While I have been ready to let go of the responsibility for a while now, it was still bitter sweet.  Even though I head a bunch of activity committees, I still feel like I feel like a certain chapter of my life has come to a close.  Anyway, those photos are on there way as soon as we get a little sunshine...  I'm off to tinker with my gathering foot on my sewing machine... why you ask??  you will see.

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