Friday, December 4, 2009

Snap Out of IT!

It is easy to talk about giving and holiday cheer when you are feeling good and life is cruising along. And it is also easy to lose you perspective...super easy...especially in the month of December when it is cold out, the days are short, the nights are long, most TV series take a break, schedules are busy with parties, pageants and plays, semesters end with finals and due dates, and there is that whole new year thing at the end of the month. One or two bumps in the road can throw your life into chaos. And it seems there are more opportunities for bumps too because the weather can be disagreeable, its the heart of flu season, people tend to rush and be more tense, there are more demands on your pocket book and less business days to make money. So I thought I'd put together a list of 20 ways to "snap out of it!" as I try to do that very thing this morning...
  1. Stretch
  2. prioritize and skim the fat from your schedule for the day
  3. breath in 5 deep breaths holding them for a 4 count and release.
  4. overwhelmed? just do what is right in front of you
  5. work a few of your fat clothes into your wardrobe so you won't have one of those morning where nothing fits.
  6. try going to bed earlier and getting up earlier
  7. take your laundry to a service that washes and folds for you.
  8. make time to meet a friend for coffee in the middle of the day
  9. order a salad instead
  10. buy a box of those yummy tangerines to eat in place of all the holiday junk food surrounding you
  11. purge your closet - its like shedding your skin and you can donate all the clothes to a charity.
  12. don't drink caffeine after 3:00 pm - nothing good can come of it.
  13. give others a break when they mess up or fall short; your more likely to do the same for yourself if you have done it for someone else.
  14. jog in place while you brush your teeth - for some of us, it will be the only exercise we get all month
  15. meditate (or just sit still and focus on your breathing for 3 minutes)
  16. clean yourself up - pluck your brows, shave, style your hair - sometimes a little grooming goes a long way
  17. make your bed
  18. clean out your purse and/ or car...
  19. listen to some music
  20. remind yourself that the world will not explode if you don't get it all done.
OK - I think I'll start with 16... have a great day!

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