Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hand Made Christmas Short Cut

So the seed has been planted and you are pondering "Hand Made Christmas whoop-t-doo." It "feels" like a dandy of an idea but you are not a trend tend to wait to make sure something is here to stay, has had a couple versions so the bugs are worked out and is priced right. You don't have to follow that song and dance with this big idea, There is a short cut; a loop hole; a cheat of sorts. Do some shopping on etsy - your place to buy & sell all things handmade.

What is Etsy? Etsy's mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. their vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice.

here are 20 shops that should have something for everyone on your list:

  1. Whimsy and Spice - delicious sweets -
  2. Sidewalk Sensations -sidewalk paint for kids -
  3. Finns and Flowers - wonderful toys -
  4. Create Beauty Daily - personalized sterling silver jewelry -
  5. Jennifer Stewart's Saturday Morning Vintage - amazing jewelry creations and craft kits -
  6. Plays with Mud - stunning ceramics -
  7. Fabulous Vixen Designs - original jewelry creations and Phone Leashes -
  8. small threads - children's clothing -
  9. allie beans shop - bags and purses -
  10. August Eve - Fine Art Prints -
  11. Handwerks - hand dyed yarns -
  12. Smells and Bells - perfumes and soaps made with organic ingredients -
  13. Alma Stoller - fabric, fiber and mixed media art -
  14. Zip Artist - darling Christmas ornaments and beautiful brooches -
  15. JS Glass Art - fused glass bowls, plates and platters -
  16. Looks Good from the Front - Sophisticated veils and hair accessories -
  17. Kelly Drive - clothing and accessories -
  18. giddyspinster - WOW - How do I describe her work other than totally cool plant art - you gotta check it out! -
  19. Etta Billie - Organic Bath and Body Products -
  20. ciucco - loveys, binkie bags and blankets -


  1. Hey Lovely! Thanks so much for the feature! :) I took a class last night that you would LOVE! I'll do a little thing on my blog so you can get an idea... all I will say is, when you head to the thrift store keep an eye out for 100% wool sweaters!!

  2. Great list! Thank you for the feature. Your blog is really inspiring me to get back on track with my own!


  3. Hey - thanks for including my shop in this amazing lineup!!