Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Everyone's To Do List's should look like this

So I'm trying to make sure I have lots to do for my munchkins during the summer break. I've been working on their "To-Do" list like I was trying to name all 50 states - I just can't seem to let up. The hard part is coming up with activities that are enticing for a boy and a girl and do-able for a 3 and 6 year old.

I've decided that we will have a general calendar and then each day that they don't have excursions, play dates or other coordinated activities, they EACH (one for morning, one for afternoon) will get to draw a card from the TO DO pile which we will then add to that day

Man -I wish my TO DO list looked like this:
  1. backyard obstacle course
  2. scavenger hunt using toy stickers from learning tree
  3. Hide and seek (an oldy but goody)
  4. water the plants with squirt guns
  5. go to the club pool
  6. build sculptures for the backyard with wood glue, nails, wire and assorted exterior suited materials
  7. run through the sprinklers
  8. sort toys to give to the shelter than if we come up with 20, go to toys r us to buy each a new toy
  9. build a fort
  10. silverware wind chimes (get silverware from good will)
  11. hiking scavenger hunt with trail guide to find animals, plants, etc.
  12. play in the blow up kiddie pool
  13. play Faeries and elves (leave little notes and sweets for the kids from the faeries)
  14. have kids each draw 3 pictures then make a story from it and write it for them - use the bind it all to make it a real book. Let them each decorate a chipboard cover
  15. find the golden egg hidden in the backyard
  16. Paint our wooden table and chairs which are totally thrashed from the winter
  17. finger food picnic
  18. go to the library
  19. dress up in costumes and play in character
  20. Make cards for the troops
Left to their own devices they do manage to have fun but you never know if someone (or something) will get hurt. This is last weekend - they woke up at 6:00 a.m.- WAY before mom and dad and they managed to find an interesting way to keep themselves busy:

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