Friday, June 26, 2009

Today in the news...

First I'll start with me because its a little more upbeat...then we'll talk about the cultural event that will serve as a bookmark in time.

I finished my last painting today. Yah -hoo!

It was a real pickle of a project but I kept at it and it finally started to look like something. I'm pleased to say my professor was very happy with it and she gave me a "B" for my semester grade.

I am relieved because this has been a yoke around my neck for months now. First I was sick and couldn't paint so I was totally stressed; then I was gathering doctor's notes and writing appeals for an incomplete; then I was waiting for the 2 week window to open up so I could start on the huge amount of work I had to make up and now; (sigh,) its done and I did Ok. That is the last I am going to speak about it... Turn the page... NEXT!

So I spoke to Russ at backporchquilters today and I've decided I want him to be my new best friend. He is so stinkin nice and I can't get over how connected I feel to him because he has my "baby" (my quilt) in his hands right now. I know its his business but it feels as though he is doing this wonderful gesture of kindness for me. I guess that is why people are so into their family quilts. I never knew what a labor of love felt like until now. Anyway, we had a great chat and agreed that the vertigo stitch he did for Dana would look fabulous on my quilt with variegated thread. We also discussed my old sewing machine and the Old Red Barn drawing coming up - (I want that sewing machine!!!) It was a great conversation and I am thrilled to have yet another North Carolina pal!

Projects on the horizon - boy there are a bunch. I've got some ring blanks just waiting for Utee, some watch faces screaming for beaded bands, several carpet bags pinned with fabulous lace just waiting for permanent stitching and that gorgeous Wonderland fabric ready to be made into mom and daughter matching skirts. I also want to spend some time tinkering with my the aperture and ISO on my camera. What fun! This will be the first time in a long while I can play without feeling guilty because of school work. Now I just have to figure out a way to incorporate "kid fun" with these activities so its a win/win for everyone during the summer vacation. Any thoughts?

On a more somber note... I still remember where I was when I learned that Elvis Prestley died- in my mom's Volkswagen bug after school, and when John Lenon was killed- at my next door neighbors house sitting on her front porch. How interesting that I was on Facebook when I learned that Michael Jackson has passed. I feel ashamed because, at first I thought it said Michael Jordon died and I had the same response I felt when John Kennedy Jr's plane crashed - "oh no, one of the last of the good guys was gone." Then I realized it was MJ and for some reason I was detached from it. I guess all the rumors and hype over the years had caused me to write him off. But as I watched the news and saw the responses on Facebook, so much of my childhood came rushing in. Billy Jean, Thriller, Beat it... these were the songs on the soundtrack of my life. I decided to do a little research and read the very lengthy bio of MJ on Wikipedia. It turns out that a lot of what I thought about him was just tabloid gossip. I began to feel a sadness, not just for the loss of a huge talent, entertainer and musical genius, but a sadness for a man who, despite his great success, lived a very hard life of mental and physical abuse, health issues, addiction, accusations, legal battles, and undoubtedly, some mental illness as a result. I feel bad that I believed what I heard. I feel bad that he died with people thinking so many false bad things about him. Perhaps some of the things were true and now he'll have to answer to a higher authority about that. I know that hurt people hurt others and so I choose to feel compassion at this time. At the end of the day - he died and I'm so sorry he is gone but I truly hope that he finally KNOWS what a talent he was and has peace. we'll miss you Michael.


  1. I think your painting is wonderful! I know how hard it can be to paint glass or metal and so I think you did a great job! Congrats! I'm enjoying your blog, and I'm going to have to steal "'Cause I'm the boss, applesauce" if you don't mind, even though I'll only be using it on the dogs, cats and kitten! (I don't think it'll work on the husband. Rats.) lol

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