Thursday, June 25, 2009

Painting Spree - almost there!

It has been really intense painting so much these last 10 days. Essentially, I started this run last Tuesday afternoon, took a 3 day break over the weekend due to various commitments and have been painting like crazy ever since. I finished the casual composition painting and got my grade back: a B-.

My work is improving but there is a part of me that feels frustrated that I was not able to put more time into the important details. Normally, I would have had a week to complete each painting - the suggested time dedicated was 12-20 hours per piece. Obviously, I did not invest that into my work which means I missed the end game. The part where you see what is there rather than what you know. The lock down vibe where it is just you and the canvas. Sometimes I love this but, to be honest, it also REALLY stresses me out because I had destroyed a good painting last April while in this zone.

It was a lot of wet on wet work and I went into an intuitive frenzy, painting what I "felt" rather than what I saw. Next thing I knew my perspective was demolished, my ellipses where cockeyed and there was no reconciliation. I'm eager to address that fear before closing this chapter because it will be at least 6 months before I pick up a brush for any kind of school work. I don't want that anxiety festering.

Hence, of my last 2 assignments, one was offered as extra credit - flowers. I really want to learn flowers so I am going to combine a high key with a floral set up so I have 2 days to work through it and learn everything the class has to offer. The last required painting was our choice - either a casual set up or High Key. I really like High Key but have mixed emotions about how my last piece came out.

High Key set Up (light values)

On one hand I love what I did here. There is a Renaissance feel to it that speaks to me. On the other hand, I know I could have push it so much further and I have issues with the bowl ellipses which I am sure everyone can see but I hate to draw attention to. (I would love it if ppl. thought it was intentional and brilliant - denial is a powerful thing).

Finished painting using only light colors to define objects and shadows

My low key painting was definitely harder. In the composition, the right side of the bowl disappeared into the shadows although the set up photo does not show this because I don't know how to photograph in that low of life light with my camera.

Every time I tried to take a picture with the light turned low, the camera would leave the shutter open for 5-10 seconds and the picture would come out blurry. There was just no room to pull out the tripod. The challenge was making the bowl disappear while communicating the depth between the foreground and background.. Also, in order to retain the lighting, I had to depend entirely on the otto light I have mounted to my easel. This light caused a lot of refection on the canvas so I could not always see the subtle changes in color. Blah, Blah, Blah... it came out as it came out. I was done- I ran out of patience and the clock was ticking.

Last night I posted a treasure trove of new items on my Esty shop. I've had these beauties for a few weeks now but did not have time to photograph nor post them. Last night, I needed the change in pace so I got busy. I have a lot more to add but first things first.

Tomorrow I'll turn in the last painting and then I have to prepare 20 tag album kits for camp on Tuesday which is a really nice creative transition. I am also looking forward to playing with my kiddos, cleaning this house and earning some moola. I'm working with a new client on Sunday which is going to be SUPER fun! I'm teacher her daughter how to scrapbook while creating an album for a friend...Teach a man to fish kind of thing.

I can't wait to hear from back porch quilters on the status of my quilt. I hope it has arrived in North Carolina! I'll check on that today. Busy, but loving that my todo's have nothing to do with dry cleaning nor spread sheets - just art, life, art!

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