Friday, October 31, 2008

Gratitude - day 1

When I am feeling frustrated, short changed, insufficient or victomized, I have a wise friend who reminds me that you can't feel self pity and gratitude at the same time. She has suggested on many, many occasions that the best way to combat feelings of resentment, jealousy, disappointment, inadequacy and sadness is to make a gratitude list. Her Rx for a "spell" of bad feelings (lasting more than a few days) is to make a gratitude list of 20 things everyday for a week. You are not to duplicate things you are grateful for, and in my practice, I try not to make a list of specific people because it prevents me from digging deep. My WASSIMA gals and I decided we were going to do a week together. Some of us were feeling low, others just liked the idea of it and I think it is a great way to go into November, which holds Thanksgiving and to officially kick off the Holiday Season. So here is Day 1:
  1. deep belly laughter that makes your cheeks hurt and heeps creeping back long after the funny has ended.
  2. To have born in a time where a woman and an African American competed for a party nomination for a Presidential election.
  3. Spell check
  4. 400 thread count sheets
  5. my education
  6. that my husband still tells me I am beautiful everyday
  7. I have my sight
  8. I was able to go trick or treating and walk to school by myself when I was a kid
  9. Digital Cameras
  10. for the roof over my head
  11. My creativity
  12. I have such a great relationship with my mother
  13. to be a parent
  14. I am teachable
  15. for all the people who have dedicated their lives to educating te public and changing the course of global warming
  16. the Television program, Lost
  17. tat most of the time I have faith that everything is going to be OK
  18. love
  19. that I am a free and a citizen of the USA
  20. I have a loving relationship with a God of my understanding
Wow, my heart is swollen with blessings. i can't wait until tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Jilliene.
    I decided to play along too I love your lists so far good for you for getting us all in the gratitude mood.