Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Boy, September really shifted our gears from 4th to 5th. We have been BUSY! I am in awe of parents around the world and all they have to juggle to get kids to school, keep up a home and family schedule plus workHow in the world do they find time for social activities, nurturing their marriage, exercise and any sort of hobby or passion? Of course I said the same sort of thing after the birth of my first child and again when we had a second, and several more times since then and I know it will all come together in due time (about 5 minutes before the next big change :D)

So here is life in a nutshell - I'm juggling 3 clients right now which is awesome but challenging and totally necessary since Tim has not worked but a couple weeks since July. This housing market crisis effects the economy beyond the banking industry and realtor commissions. He is an electrician and there just isn't anything being built. The Union hall is filled with guys trying to figure out how they are going to put food on the table for their families. It is scary stuff and I have to admit I feel utterly powerless. I try to focus on the good stuff though - like the fact that Tim has been able to take on so many of the house manager responsibilities I usually do and he's been taking and picking up the kids from school. He has taken a huge chunk of the life stuff off of my plate which has given me time to provide my clients with great work and allowed me to focus on school which is sooooooooooooo much more challenging than I imagined. I hate cubes.

I am an "A" student. I just am. I get A's because I work hard and have good study habits but in Art those traits aren't enough. So I'm into my 4th week and I've gotten marks that were NOT A's. And on assignments that I really worked hard on. I mean over the top, totally invested kind of work.

So I'm learning something about humility from a lot of different areas of my life and I feel clumsy.

On a lighter note, this month has been filled with celebration, expanded horizons and artful fellowship. A few weeks ago we clebrated Eva's third bithday with a fairy princess tea party. It was a magical day - one I'll treasure and I'm hoping she'll be able to cherish some of the memories too.

I also went on a women's retreat to a native american sweat lodge which was remarkable. My dear friend Michele treated me to this incredible experience and I am so very grateful to her. While I don't subscribe to all of the beliefs and practices, I found many gifts that I really needed at this time in my life. The most amazing was meeting my spirit guide - a big black bear who does not have the answers nor does he lead me one way or another. He is just with me and I take comfort in that image. I was with two of my best friends and the other attendees were also remarkable women so I was nestled in a safe and loveing environment, away from my responsibilities allowing me to get reaquainted with my authentic self. It can often get masked by expectations, obligations and other's needs, but without my connection to my auhentic self I rob my children of the gifts I can offer them, I rob those close to me of what God intended me to share with them, I rob my art of my true voice and most of all, I cheat myself from having the experiences I am meant to have.

I also had a WONDERFUL playdate with several of my fellow UgRA-ites.

I hostessed the soire at my house and we worked on a project called "my perfect day" it was a delight to spend time in the studio with these amazingly accomplished artists and to explore what a perfect day REALLY looks like. The project was a bit "ambitious" for an afternoon but we all agreed that working on it from home would be a pleasant chore.
I am desperately trying to find a way to get to Donna Downey's Inspired next May. There is absolutely no money for this (not even the payment plan) but I cannot image not going so I am putting it out there in the Universe hoping that the airfare to N. Carolina, the hotel costs and the workshop fees won't be an obsticle. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how i make this happen. Last April's workshop changed me as an artist and a person. It is a remarkable program and I HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO ATTEND! :D - Any ideas? Please send them my way.

That is all for now my friends! Wishing you well on your journey.

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  1. I will put it out into the Universe that I want you there, too! :)

    I'm a "A" student, too, and the idea of art school scares the heck out of me!! Good job for hanging in there and learning from it all! :)

    I'm thinking about asking my family and close friends if there is anything I can do for them that they would be willing to pay me for so I can more easily afford Inspired. Crazy, huh? But my mother-in-law and grandma love my handmade cards, my mom loves my photography cards, a bunch of people love my jewelry... I found out my sister was in love with a $42 necklace on etsy so I told her not to buy it; instead I made it (for about $11.50) and that's her birthday present! I feel like if I tell them why I want it, how Inspired changed me this year and I have to go next year, then they will feel less "odd" about paying me to do things or make things for them. Fingers crossed! :) Good luck!