Thursday, January 24, 2008

Inspired! goodie bag swap!!

I am so excited about attending Donna Downey's Inspired in April! The yahoo group has been buzzing for months. What an amazing group! There are lots of swaps to join - I have signed up for several! The "Goodie Bag" swap is currently under way and I received my "goodie bag" from the fabulous Aimee Porco today!!! Look at all the treats she sent me plus the creativity!!

There were 8 bundles- each bundle had a letter from the word INSPIRED, loads of fun products and a page to a mini album- each tied together with a beautiful ribbon. Assembles, the mini album looks like this: Isn't she amazing?? I can tell we are going to be great friends! Thanks so much Aimee. You are a delight! And as for you Miss Cathy - you know who you are - well your goodie bag went out Priority Mail today - I can't wait to hear from you once you get it! I love swaps :-)


  1. How fun is that? i want to get a goodie bag in the mail!

  2. That looks like some happy mail for sure!

  3. OK ... you're setting a really high standard here for those of us who still have swaps in progress! I've got my pkg ready and having trouble with the homemade item (something good enough to send out, you know?) as well as finding how to send it ... of course my container doesn't fit the standard UPS ready to go boxes. However ... thanks for sharing .. this is beautiful.