Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Living in the present...

My New Years resolutions have been an amazing adjustment in my life. I have been relieved of a lot of the ridiculous pressure I have imposed on myself out of habit. This has freed me up to do the things I love. I've slipped into my creative "zone" at the very start of each day Even if I'm not going to start art-ing right away, I find that when I'm in the "zone" (the creative space that makes me feel centered, present, open, enough), I am capable of living in the present, accepting life as it comes and I am more motivated to move (instead of thinking about moving.) When I say "move", I don't mean get up off of the couch, but rather jump into my life instead of observing and directing. For some reason I never made the connection that by living in the present, one is not able to worry because worry relates to the future. How lovely!

I'll be posting some of the new creations I've been working on and the instructions for the calendar project later this week so stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. is that your scrap space over to the right in the slide? wow!

    counting down the days til inspired, can't wait to unload the creative juices {i hope}

    can't wait too see your creations!