Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tag Album Tutorial

I've taught 2 sessions of art at Camp Gan Israel. The bunks were combined this year so the projects had to be suitable for 3rd through 6th graders. Nothing too challenging so that the younger ones don't get frustrated yet, exciting enough to keep the 6th graders engaged.

The first week we did mini albums using a cardboard frame and DCWV pocket full of posies paper. The girls did a wonderful job at following the project and did not hesitate to incorporate their own twist! I love that they are so inhibited! The project instructions are at the bottom of this entry.

The next week we made cards. We did a flapper hat and a cup cake card. They jumped at the chance to do their own thing with each project and many went on to make 2nd and 3rd cards while others were finishing up. They inspire me!

Today I did some crafting with my own kids. It all started when Aidan wanted to outline my feet with one of those magnetic sketch boards. Next thing we knew we were decorating our lunch plates with food. Then I put out paper plates, googly eyes, yard, glue and other goodies and the kids started making faces. I was so impressed that their attention span outlasted my own. Thank goodness got home from work so I can get on to my work. Business has been great which means there is lots to do. I'm so grateful that I get to enjoy my family and my job on my own schedule.

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Tag album instructions
Kit contents:
For the signatures:
1, cardboard cover
8, 9 x 3 ½ inch strips of cardstock
2 pieces of ribbon
For the cover:
1 3 ½ x 3 ½ inch piece of card stock
1 4 x 4 inch piece of card stock
1 ½ in x 3 ½ in strip of card stock
To pick up:
2 strips of ribbon for binding
Stickers and other decorative elements
  1. Arrange the 8 pages into 2 stacks of 4. Fold each page in half, edge to edge. Use a scissors to smooth the crease.
  2. Create 2 books of 8 pages by stacking the folding 4 sheets on top of one another.
  3. Staple the center of both of your books (twice- top and bottom) to hold them together. Set these two books aside.
  4. Find the 3 small sheets of paper for the cover and arrange them to your liking. Glue these pieces on your cover with a glue stick. Make sure you glue all of the corners.
  5. Punch holes in the center of the tag shape on both sides of your cover –
  6. Punch 2 holes in the center spine at the top and bottom.
  7. Thread your ribbon through the two outside cover holes and tie into a knot.
  8. Find your binding ribbon and twist ends together.
  9. Insert ends of both ribbons into one hole of the spine. Smooth the ribbon so there are no twists, and then thread the other two edges through the second hole. Before you pull the ribbon tight, slip one of the signatures under one ribbon and tighten the ribbon around its fold. Tie it tightly. Do the same for the next signature with the other ribbon.
  10. Decorate your pages with pockets, tags, photo mats and photos – use stickers, paper and flowers to embellish the white pages.

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  1. Jilliene,
    You are so amazing! My children are 8 and 12 now and I wish I had taken more time with them in those tender years to do more crafts with them. Dishes and laundry can wait. You go girl!