Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Scrap Office

I am thrilled with my new space. Not only is it more efficient, practical and esthetically pleasing: I know where everything is!

Behind that door is a closet which I still haven't tackled. Currently all of my business suits, fancy dresses and my wedding gown live there plus several boxes I still have not unpacked from our move 2 1/2 years ago. Ugh!
I love these storage cubes. I got them last year when they were on clearance at Michael's and they had a "25% off your entire purchase including sale items" coupon.

I love having a permanent cutting station set up. My Graphic Design class last semester taught me so much about using the exacto knife and accurate measurement. I had always been hesitant to use this method of cutting because I was afraid I'd make a mistake. Now I have everything I need at arms length and lots of good lighting!

The big table (2 Ikea tables pushed together) allows me to work on multiple projects at once which was a really big hassle before. I often am juggling several clients and my own projects and I end up with piles, boxes and storage tubs under foot.

I organize my card stock by color in cropper hopper vertical storage containers . A lot of my paper is in pads so those are lined up on the same shelf. My favorite loose papers are stored inside of the blue QVC/ Creating Keepsakes storage unit. I pulled the drawer out to use separately and I stand the paper up in there. I also have 3 paper towers in my studio which hold a lot of the paper I use for my clients. Loose ribbon goes into one of the glass kitchen cookie jars I got from target for $5. They are separated by color to narrow down the search. Ribbon still on the roll or card is organized in trays, the cropper hopper ribbon storage boxes and in bins. I also have two, 2 drawer plastic units that give me four drawers of storage. In there I have a drawer for: blank cards and envelopes, blank mini albums, ephemera and vintage books, and Xyron cartridges and sizzix dies. On top of the drawer units, I have a box of "found items", a clear stamps binder and my polymer clay supplies.

This area has mostly fine art type supplies - all kinds of acrylic paint, watercolors and various mediums, Prismacolor pencils, verithins, markers and Caran d'Ache crayons. I also have all of my ink, punches, circle cutter, templates and everything Tim Holtz.

I loved the idea of having a garage like many kitchens do for small appliances, so I took apart my storage rack and put one of the bins on top of the desk. Here I store my favorite adhesives, sewing kit, sizzix machine, gel pens and other items I need frequently. Next to it I have all of my rulers and triangles plus a bin for bits and pieces storage.

The shelves are dedicated to embellishments. I have a different bin for my favorite 3 D stickers, flat stickers and rub-ons, a box of fabric squares, drawers for chipboard, jars for flowers, buttons, embroidery thread, and appliques and stackable jars for brads, eyelets, and other small items..
I also have a tub for bling and a bin for charcoal supplies plus a few stacks of chipboard letters.

Here is my knew space in the midst of activity, I am constructing my "fabric of my life" pages for the WASSIMA swap, and I have everything accessible for the 19 x 19 album I'm working on for a client. I LOVE IT! I do wish I had my sewing machine out in the open and a TV so I can listen to the history channel or some TV junk food on Bravo when I am doing late night projects.


  1. Jilliene,

    The room looks great! Thanks for sharing with us Inspired girls.


  2. Your studio looks so efficient and inviting to be really productive!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! It means a lot! :)

  3. Great job, Jilliene! You and Nadia are inspiring me, I really need to do a major overhaul on my room! :)