Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art Office Reorganized!

I have a studio where I do art with clients and friends but I rarely get creative in there on my own and I never do client work in there. I usually do my client work in our office/ my art room until recently when I set up a folding table in my room and moved the computer in there. I've been working with extremely delicate old photos and I did not want them to be at risk of being handled by anyone else in the family. Plus I needed to really spread out and my bed provides a lot of space. My husband has definitely been grumbling about not being able to use the computer and not being able to spend anytime in our bedroom so I surprised him while he was out of town by reorganizing the office into a more efficient art room and getting a bunch of my supplies and tools out of sight. It was such a massive undertaking that it took me 2 days but I finished tonight aand we are both REALLY happy with the new configuartion. Plus it will be a great set up for school next semester because I am taking a still life painting class. I am way to tired to take pictures tonight so I'll post tomorrow. I am going to celebrate by sleeping.

I REALLY have to mention that I have a terrible, shameful vice. I watch the Real Housewives on Bravo. Yes - it is true - it is rediculous, but I can't help myself. My husband is disgusted and makes fun of me. Anyhow, I just have to say "SHAME ON YOU Vicki and Tamera." A friend would have interveined not encouraged Gretchen. The woman is under a terrble amount of stress which will undoubtedly impact how alcohol will effect her. I do not condone Gretchen's behavior but I have compassion for it. Did you ever consider how the fallout would affect Jeff? Gretchen has to live with the guilt and Jeff will surely be heart broken. That was NOT NICE! Ok -I had to get that off my chest.

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