Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting ready for Camp!

It has been far too long since I last blogged. I started a few entries but was called away from the keyboard for one thing or another and never got back to my train of thought. I find it fascinating that during my "blog sabbatical," my house remained unusually clean.

I haven't done much free style art'ing over the last couple weeks because I have been very busy getting ready for Camp Gen Israel which starts in less than 2 weeks. I am thrilled to be returning again this summer and have a wonderful curriculum for the kids! Projects include charm bracelets made from shrinky dinks, artist's journals, scrapbooking, treasure boxes and wind chimes! I've been making project samples for the kids to reference while they work. I've had Aidan and Eva helping me so the end result is kid friendly and obtainable. I've learned that if you bring a sample that is "finished" beyond a child's capability they often get very frustrated because "their's doesn't look like your's." Creating with this in mind was quite freeing because I didn't have to color within the lines, cut straight, string symmetrically or stack perfectly. I created without the stress of perfection. I wasn't concerned with how the end result would reflect on me as an artist.

This has not been the case with my organic backgrounds class - I refuse to post pictures at this juncture because my painting went from being delightful to a big old mess after adding the wax paper treatments we did 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if it was the color palette I chose or the paint placement but I REALLY dislike it as it stands - the good news is that I have 2 lessons worth to get it to its final state so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I have also been busy creating "Button Blooms" for an upcoming event. It isn't 100% confirmed yet, but once it is, I will post the details. I've diversified so that there are a variety of different styles and sizes. Be sure to visit my website at and send your friends! Stay tuned because I'm going to be doing a giveaway next month for a bouquet. More to come on that...


  1. can i come to camp? looks like fun. i know we never did anything that cool at camp. we made rock people and stained glass plastic pieces. i'm digging your projects!

  2. please, please, never feel left out for proximity- we WASSIMA girls are in each others hearts. Stella, Sooz and I are so lucky we live close but I can promise, driving down to Georgia to see Shani or Jen is not in the cards and I think Heather lives in Canada.

    Now, seeing Cameron is another story since she is probably not too far over six hours know how life works-- there is always something to see.

    who knows , maybe hubby will have a business trip to CA and I will be knocking at your door.

    love to you, you creative, wonderful , lady.


    also, it is so hard to not be able to be out and about as much with an adventurous two year old. i had one too- but let me tell you- it goes so darn quick- soak in the days of just being home- they will be over in a blink.

  3. yea! I want to camp sounds lovely:) And wow you've got quite awesome button bloom garden going on.Fabulous.

  4. Wow Jillene, love the blooms. You have been busy! Wanted to drop by and say hi, hope to see you at Inspired 09!!! Take care!