Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time Flies

Gosh, I cannot believe it has been a month since my last entry - I've just been so busy with all the details involved in teaching art to children. It requires a lot more preparation than teaching adults because if you forget to include something in their class kits or if your instructions are not precise the kids go into a tailspin. Plus, my classes are tucked into a very tight schedule which means we need to make every minute count so they can leave with a finished project.

I’ll stay busy for a few more weeks and then I'll get to catch my breath. It is really rewarding work and the kids are wonderful- they have created really amazing projects. I just love hearing how much they love art and they shower me with thanks and hugs which is so incredible. Besides preparing project samples, I have not had a minute to art until a few nights ago when I made time. I finished 3 UGRA projects that I've had sitting on my desk since June. There were 2 hand sewn altered books, one was tucked into a 10 x 14 denim pocket and one had was bound using .25 inch altered covers. The pages were a hodge podge of cool images and magazine photos – really edgy stuff mixed with elegance. The only instructions in both books were to play and have fun so I collaged, colored and altered pages as they moved me. The other project was a technique book – it was bound by hand with sewn signatures – a piece of art in itself. Others contributed techniques like paper weaving, bleach stamping, quilling and more. I included no cut envelope folding and embossing metal. It was the outlet I needed. I hadn't realized how artistically pent up I was until then.

I also took my blooms to the De Anza Flea earlier in the month which was a lot of fun! A friend and I decided to do a booth and had a great time selling our handy work. The De Anza flea is more like an art and wine festival that a flea market - there are tons of artisans, amazing food, and it draws a really fun crowd. I was delighted by the response I got to my Button Blooms! We are going to do it again in August.

I will upload more photos as soon as I can - I have a lot to accomplish today for next week so no time to find good light for taking pictures, etc.

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