Friday, November 29, 2013

Cricut The Mix and Match button

This tutorial comes from Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog.
 Thursday Tutorial: The Mix and Match button & how to use it!
This weeks tutorial is on the mix & match button you find on the Cricut Expression. Recently I was doing a project where I could have really, really used this feature-making it easier on myself and saving frustration. I used to use mix & match a lot, and slowly forgot about it. Let's review its use with Megan at Above Rubies Studio!

Mix and Match button-
•Allows you to use multiple Creative Features at the same time.
This is trickier…the order you select the buttons matters!
•Press Mix and Match
•Next the character you want to cut and then Creative Feature on the keypad

*Character then feature key*
You can only choose one dial size even in mix and match. If you want different sizes, you need to cut and then change the dial size.

 This tutorial is a great memory refresher, with a bunch of cool tips!

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