Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone.  I hope you had a lovely day with the people you love (or on your own). We sent our kids to my sister's with grandma to do the whole Easter bunny shebang while we worked in the garden.  I guess I bah-hum-'bugged out' this Easter because it came so early this year.  I forgot to pull out my Easter decorations and the kids didn't even dye their Easter eggs until last night.

My husband is in charge of coloring eggs with the kids because I have an irrational aversion to eggs. I got sick from a bad egg when I was little and still to this day, they horrify me.  I spoke to a therapist about it once and he said it wasn't all that unusual but most people who know me well, enjoy shining a light on this neurotic idiosyncrasy in my personality.

Because of my hatred for unfertilized chicken spawn, Easter is the one and only time we have eggs in the house.  The kids are only allowed to eat them outside and they must wash their hands and brush their teeth before getting near me.  I share all of this detail with you to explain why our Easter eggs are not more esthetically pleasing.  I don't want you to think that my creative abilities stop at white round objects.

It rained last night so my 10 year old son left this on the back door of our house:
Instead of hiding eggs, we hid otter pops.  The Easter bunny brought a tupperware basket of treats but they were a little unconventional.  Chocolate milk mix, animal crackers and wooden bird houses filled their baskets.  Also acrylic paint, markers, an assortment of paint brushes and a "decorate a mug" kit. The kids were thrilled!  So that was Easter at the Isaacs' house. Quiet but quirky- now we will all be home for the next 7 days.  I'm praying for happy days.


  1. Ha ha! I don't like eggs, but I certainly don't have such strong feelings about them. It must have been hard to avoid them. I have an aversion to one type of fabric, and when I touch it unexpectedly it totally freaks me out! We all have our strange things!

    Love the note to the Easter bunny. x

  2. Oh love his little sign. That is precious!

  3. I'm not a fan of eggs either. I do enjoy dying them though.

  4. Love the sign on the door, it must be tough at Easter not liking eggs :)

  5. so funny... I have an aversion to dirt, sand and mud. I have to work hard to be okay with it.... and as far as eggs. I like them, a lot (lol). Love your honest post! It is so refreshing!