Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My List of the Top 10 Conditions When Scrapbooking

Everybody has there own way of doing things in life.  Some people watch TV while they eat their dinner, others sit at the dining room table with place mats and cloth napkins.  Some people take a bath before going to bed while others take a shower in the morning.  Some people eat a healthy well balanced diet of fresh foods while others eat when and what they can and take vitamin supplements to keep their body in check.  The same is true for scrapbookers.  Some scrapbook on a table while others prefer the floor.  Some people listen to music while they scrap, while others like the quiet.  I was thinking about my preferences this morning and and came up with a list of my top 10 preferences when scrapbooking.
  1. Lets talk about my bed - I have a scrap room with a nice drafting table to work on but the space is too limited when I'm really getting down to business.  My California king bed is the best place to scrapbook because their is no clutter to distract me and I can spread everything out around me like a skirt of creativity. (This is NOT my bed)
  2. Dark chocolate covered blueberries are the perfect crop snack.  They don't leave my fingers sticky, they taste delicious, the sugar puts a smile on my face, the caffeine keeps me focused AND they are anti-oxidants.
  3. Real Housewives of anywhere are the perfect shows to watch (listen to) while scrapbooking.  Many people find these types of programs appalling and I get it, but for me, these drama driven, ridiculously shallow and dubious programs are a hoot.  Having  one on while I scrapbook is like getting hot fudge on my ice cream.  Yummy!
  4. I prefer scrapbooking in the day rather than the night.  Oddly, I am a night person but I much rather work with natural light and in the waking hours while the rest of the world is doing their thing.  (This is NOT my home)
  5. A comfortable climate is very important.  It shouldn't be hot nor cold.  I love a gentle breeze as long as none of my materials get blown around.  When I am hot, things stick to my fingers and when I am cold...well, I'm cold.
  6. I have a dress code for scrapbooking.  I always were comfy clothing but no loose long sleeves or pant legs.  Leggings and t-shirts are ideal because small embellishments can't get lost in the folds, my skin doesn't get sweaty and stick together and I don't worry about paint, glitter or ink ruining my frock.
  7. Hair must always be in a bun on top of my head.  Not tight so that I get a headache and not loose so that stray hairs fall in front of my face.  Just out of the way and non-intrusive. (This IS me and in proper dress code)
  8. Accessible inspiration is a must.  Every so often I do a screen shot of the newest eye candy on my pin interest account and print it out. I tape the print out on the wall so I can get a creativity mojo boost anytime I get stuck . Below is my most recent copy (aren't these pages scrumptious?):
  9. Minimal liquids.  I know we are supposed to drink lots of water, but I try to avoid bathroom breaks as much as possible.  Getting up to use the restroom means I have to move everything I have spread out on my left hand side so I can exit my bed.  Of course the accidental spill and cold beverage condensation are also concerns but more than anything, being settled in for the long haul trumps hydration in my book.
  10. And one of the most important environment accessories is multiple trash cans.  One trash can is simply not enough.  Even if it is right in front of me, I guarantee you, I will lose sight of it.  I need several strategically placed waste baskets spread around my area so I can clear my work space without delay.  Everyone has that point in their scrappin routine when their space becomes too crazy to generate creativity.  All of the sudden you are losing adhesive, scissors, embellishments; you get left over paint on a photo; and then you knock over a tin of buttons.  These conditions can drive a girl to pack it up but by having multiple trash cans handy, you can bring order to your space before you get a chance to yell "argggggghhhhhhhh!"
 So that is my list - I suppose it reveals a lot of my idiosyncrasies. We all have a way of doing things in life.


  1. Great post! May I borrow the subject for my own blog at a later date?

    1. absolutely - borrow away! Its funny to think about all the weird little things we do as scrappers. :o)

  2. I love this! I am following you now!

  3. Your list a such a hoot!! I can agree with your list of what you need to scrap. I do day or nite and sometimes it is day and nite. When I get started it is hard to quit and dinners is something fast so I can keep going with something else.

    Thanks so much for sharing and your scrapbook pages are beautiful!!

  4. OMG, this is fantastic!! I never really thought about it but I have conditions too. This is so awesome, thanks for sharing! =)

  5. OMG, this is fantastic! I am laughing so hard, never really thought about it but I have to have conditions just right to be able to scrapbook too. =) Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Real Housewives all the way! I'm not sure why I always "listen" to it while I work.

    Great post.