Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun and Easy craft to do with kids!

There is nothing like a bored child and summer can sometimes bring this about.. All that free time... We have a huge gap to fill when our little ones are not able to play with their friends daily while burning off all that energy at recess. here is a fun idea:

Yesterday we did a fun and simple craft at camp that kept the kids busy and happy for hours. You can do this with just one child but the more kids you get to play, the better.

Restaurant fun:

First we took file folds and cut them in half to make two 5.25 x 8.25" menus. Then each kid named their restaurant and decorated the front of the menu to reflect the name and kinds of food they served . Next they decided on three or more dishes they would serve and listed these inside with pictures and prices.

Once their menus were complete, I put out a ton of misc. craft supplies and all kinds of things from the recycle bin. To do this at home, you can also peek into the garage and cupboards to find random gardening, auto, household bits and office supplies that you don't need or use (i.e. - box a piece of jewelry came in, stray hair rollers, single socks, clothes pins, an old jar of ponds cream that you are never going to use...).

Next I put everything on display for the children to consider, then told them to make their three dishes from the array of random items. This was ahoot to watch. They made pizza from a box, covered it with red fabric from an old T-shirt and topped it with feathers for cheese, bits of foam for mushrooms and small circles of paper for the pepperoni.

Once all the food was made, we set up little tables (you can use real furniture or make your own from boxes, pillows and a tin can with a flower in it.) We printed out order sheets on the computer from here and took turns playing guest and server. It was such a fun time! The kids kept wanting to add items to their menu so they would run over to the supplies and whip up a new entree.

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