Saturday, October 17, 2009

Creative Sanity

Some people jog, some people write in their journal, I create, to stay sane.

The kids are both sick with strep throat and I feel like I am fighting off some mean, ugly germs too, so there has been very little activity under my roof. I've been camped out in my bed with my two feverish children giving back rubs, singing lullabys and finishing projects in the moments in between. I "upcycled" 4 vintage purses into completely new fashion statements. During the 4 very long nights one or both of them have been ill, I found solace in hand stitching trims and embellishing with vintage jewelry pieces to breath new life into these antique handbags.

I listed all 4 on Etsy this evening - we'll see how they are received. It is something I have been wanting to do for months but I couldn't steal the time. I have 3 more bags to play with but I am really hoping my little ones and I will be up and around before I get a chance to start on them. I'd like to save them for the next virus that rips through the Isaac's house! A little something to look forward to :o)

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