Monday, April 6, 2009

This is what I know...

Here is what I know at this moment and time...

- My kids are freaken adorable
- My life is nothing less than an example of Grace
- Oranges are delicious.
- Everything is going to be OK. In fact, it already is.
- Buddha was super smart.
- Color makes me smile.
- I have met the most incredible people along the way.
- I need to pay attention because this may very well be the best time of my life.
- Boys did not end up being all that important after all.
- Society is wrong
- People are a lot kinder than I realized and they have short memories.
- The voices in my head tell me lies.
- Worrying has no impact on the outcome.
- Being right is overrated.
- Chaos has a very important role in the nature of all things.
-When you look at this phase of American history within the context of the whole, things are pretty good.


  1. I like your philosophy and outlook towards life! (by the way, Etsy rocks!)