Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hand Made Christmas delights

I was so happy that the dollhouse came togther so nicely. I feel really good about giving Eva a gift that was straight from my heart. I also made abums for both mom and Aunt Pam which I forgot to photograph - I always do that.

It was a wonderful holiday - the pure joy, gratitude and wonder beaming from my children's eyes left an engraved imprint on my heart. They were so patient waiting all day long on Christmas eve to open some of their gifts. They even sat through a delicious prime rib meal with manners and all. Granma and Aunt pam were so impressed by their self control!

After dinner we gathered around the tree and exchanged family and friend's gifts. It was really low key and sweet. I mean the kids were super excited but we were all so relaxed and we weren't burdoned with expectations or time commitments as we've done in the past.

The kids were off to bed on schedule so Christmas morning could arrive without delay. Tim and I wrapped all of Santa's gifts in grocery bags, then stamped them with bright images. The packages were perfect.

When the kids came out early the next morning they were so excited to see the gifts and also delighted that Santa had thought they had been so good to leave so many treats. Eva was dazzled by her dollhouse. I beamed with pride.

The rest of the day included naps, reading by the fire, yatzee, a ride on our new scooters to the park and a lazy crafting whim - Grandma retaught herseld knitting and I sewed a little bed and pillow for the dollhouse. It was incredibly relaxing and utterly unfamiliar after the last few months.

We had cracked crab and raviolis in pesto sauce for dinner. It was a feast yet we finished almost everything. We tidied the house and went to bed early completely satisfied with the quiet.

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful Christmas!! Great job and I'm so happy for you that it was so enjoyable. :)