Friday, March 28, 2008

My Etsy Store

I had a great time updating my Etsy store and creating a new mosaic banner for my blog. I love Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker. It took forever to upload all of the photos I wanted to use because Flickr was on the blink so I had to do each picture - 1 by 1. I think it turned out pretty nifty - my blog is looking a little more polished. If you are not careful, I find you can gather a bunch of blog clutter.
I have to share a story. So I had let a few of my mini albums expire at my Etsy store and I had been meaning to repost and upload some new items but between the kids, this new work project and my own need to play in the studio, the Etsy store fell off my radar. So today I decide I'll take a couple of minutes to look at my store and scope out what I need to do. I reposted about 5 mini-albums that I did not sell over the holidays and am in the midst of uploading pictures of my jewelry - I am saying to myself "I'll just upload these two things and I'll do the rest later because I have work to do" when I get an email saying that my "Ode to Mom" mini album has sold. What a delightful surprise and, as far as I'm concerned, a not-so-subtle signal from the universe telling me that I'm on the right path. I just love that! So I posted a few of my mini-card making kits and am going to add a few more items over the weekend.
On another note - can you believe Spring Break is almost over?? It flew by and I have to admit we were very quiet at my house. The weather wasn't all that great and my allergies prevent me from really getting outside in the Spring so we improvised by playing with Play Dough, Building a Fort and watching movies. Grandma came down today and took the kids to the library. All the librarians know my kids so they feel like celebrities whenever they visit.
We are having a garage sale tomorrow if this rain clears up. I need to get rid of the mounds of "STUFF" we have accumulated since last Spring and I want the extra spending money to play with at Inspired!

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