Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter egg-stravaganza

Easter was really nice. The bunny was good to my kids. They were full of joy. The only bummer was that Dad and I were tired. I've come to recognize a pattern - we tend to kill ourselves getting ready for family events (cleaning, decorating, shopping, laying things out, getting ourselves cleaned up and presentable) so that when the event finally arrives, we are too "pooped to party." We have decided to take a look at this and adjust accordingly. Fortunately, our kids were unaware of our low energy and had plenty to supplement. Here is Aidan filled with happiness because the Easter Bunny left him an assortment of magic tricks in his basket.

Miss Eva puts on her ears and does a "funny bunny" impersonation. She wags her tail like an excited puppy.

The highlight of the day was the Easter Egg hunt. Aunt Shauna, Grandma and I each had a big bag of plastic eggs filled with Cheerios, dried fruit, stickers, assorted nuts and playdough. Neither my sister nor I give our kids much sugar and since it has never been a part of their diet, the kids don't miss it. We are so happy that they get excited over watermelon and strawberries rather than cake and cookies.

We designated one part of the backyard for Aidan since he is older and faster than Eva (2 1/2) and cousin Charlie (3). They had the best time -their baskets were filled to the rim with their loot.
Eva took a late nap and I accidentally fell asleep with her even though we still had company (bad form - I know). Aidan and daddy went to Vasona park with Alex and Benny (Maggie's husband and younger son) for some father/son bonding while my mom and I had a nice visit and prepared a roasted chicken for dinner. These are the memories I hope my children will treasure when they are older. I know I will.

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